Panel Construction

Panels will be constructed on a pre-fabricated, modular basis. Panels shall be joined by means of PVC interlock profiles provided on all panels.


The panels will be injected (foamed-in-place) with fire retardant polyurethane. The density of the injected polyurethane will be approximately 40kg/m3. A 60mm thick polyurethane panel is equivalent to a 100mm thick polystyrene panel and offers better insulation, lower levels of moisture absorption, lends to greater structural integrity, and is more compact providing better use of the structure’s available footprint.

Insulation Thickness

The insulation thickness of cold rooms operating down to 0'C will be 60mm. Insulation thickness of freezer rooms operating down to -20’C will be 80mm. A panel measuring 60mm thick can support vertical downward pressure equivalent to 1,000 kilograms or 1 ton.


All pre-fabricated cold room panels will be supplied finished, both internally and externally, with a white Chromadek finish, using 0.5mm primed galvanized substrate. The Chromadek finish is of food grade standard – thus very hygienic – and can be cleaned using a high pressure hose to maintain hygiene standards. All panels will be supplied with strippable plastic protective sheet, which will be removed on completion of installation.

Durability/External Use

Our panels are able to sustain exposure to the elements for an extended period of time as is the case of any outside facing wall. Furthermore they are easy to maintain as the surfaces, both inside and out, can be cleaned using a high pressure hose and any number of cleaning or sterilization products.

Do you have warranty?

5 year warranty on Insulated Systems Ltd. Polyurethane insulation panels