Product / Pre-Fab Portable Office units


Office Units x 2

Per Unit Specifications

Dimension:    2.4m(W) x 6.0m(L) x 2.4m(H)

  • Base Structure (mm):  Steel Beams – 160 x 82 IPS
  • Entrance Door:   0.8m(W) x 2.0m(H) – 1 per unit , standard domestic single door
  • lockable Windows:   1.2m(W) x 0.8m(H) – 4 per unit, slide with mosquito mesh – in silver; gray or brown
  • Air Conditioning:   1200  BTU/hr – 1 unit, heating and cooling unit supplied and fitted
  • Lighting: 4ft florescent lights – 2 units installed with switches
  • Electrical Points:   Double socket units – 4 units
  • Cable Box:  PVC weatherproof box with 220Vsingle phase DB w/ mains; earth; circuit breakers
  • Flooring:  Varnished ply wood finish 18mm, with fitted wood skirting
  • Ceiling:  Flat PU panels – to provide insulation from heat (externally) and remain fresh (from  ac unit internally).
  • Roof:  Single pitch – to ensure efficient water run-off (optional should unit will be open to the elements)
  • Roof Finish – Optional   Roofing sheets finish – 100mm overhang, several designs & colors to choose

Product / Coldroom



Dimensions: 3.5mW x 3.6mL x 2.9mH – TBC
Area / Volume: 36.54m3
Target Temperature: +2oC to +6oC (max draw down to 0oC)
Refrigeration Required: Holding chiller – product entering already chilled

Prefabricated Bathroom -Portable

River Lure

Made from our polyurethane insulated panels. All fittings and steel frame manufactured and installed by us.

Includes internal plumbing, just requires fitting to water.

6 toilet compartments and 2 basins

Water and heat resistant.

Product / Prefabricated Building


Double Story Prefab Unit

YOYO Foods come to us to manufacture a double story office unit (7 offices) as they needed anti-bacterial surface, as it was built inside a food production facility.

Photo’s coming soon…



Daniel required a cold room facility to be transported to his farm in the North Western Province. We manufactured the steel base, insulation panels and installed the whole unit, refrigeration included, ready to be transported to site.

  • Dimensions:  5.919mL (19′ 5″) x 2.340mW (7′ 8″) x 2.380mH (7′ 9 ½”)
  • Volume: 69.12m3
  • Temperature:  down to 0oC (-5oC to +5oC capacity)
  • Door:   0.9mW x 2.0mH – hinge,
  • Insulation Thickness:  60mm (equivalent to 100mm thick EPS/Polystyrene)
  • Insulation Type:  Polyurethane